Friday, April 1, 2011

FUN 'Bacon & Eggs' for the Kiddos

I didn't come up with any foodie ideas for April Fool's so I thought I would repost this fun idea...even though I was busy and didn't get it out in the morning...UGH!


When my kids were young, I always loved involving them in some project in the kitchen. 

I s'pose that's because my mom allowed me to spend much time in the kitchen growing up. While she sewed, I cooked - and learned to love it! 

This is a simple recipe for fun - take time to make memories with your young ones.  They'll treasure it the rest of their lives.

Thanks to Rosemary and the Goat - Our 5 youngest grandkids and I had a great time making these to go along with our Thanksgiving brunch. It was fast and easy - and oh-so cute,
don't you think???  And aren't those grand'babies' cute too!?  We sure think so.

 From left to right...
Caden, Kaity, Chloe, Charlie & Claira
(What a kick to see Caden - who battles leukemia and
has been sequestered much
of his life, to play hard (& hug too!) with his cousin Kaity. 
They were smitten with each other.=)
Sure was good medicine for this nana's soul too! 
(Click on the link below for the simple 3-ingredient recipe- and go have some fun!)

Kid-Friendly Bacon & Eggs

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