Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine Pretzel Rod 'Pops'

What great fun I've had preparing these!  I think they are just so cute and a simple snack to give someone to let them know you care. Perfect treat for Valentine's Day!

The day after I sent an order to Current for the pretzel molds, I found them in the Wilton aisle at a much reduced price. Go figure!  So I bought them there too - it was a different I have options.

One set of molds is a stack of flowers - the other has L-O-V-E and X-O-X-O's....too fun!

They also sell bags to fit the long pretzel too, and that just adds more special-ness to the whole thing.  Presentation is such an important aspect you know! Mine were purchased separately from the molds.

I probably should have placed more of the pretzel end into the candy as some of my rods went almost to the end of the bag, which made it a little tricky to wrap the twisty tie around be aware of that if you decide to make these.

I used these candy discs, and also melted some vanilla chips for some too. (The packaged pretzel bags are at the top of the picture below)

Get yourself a bag of pretzel rods and you're ready to go...let the fun begin!

MMM huh?

(the flower is velvet)

And I think very cute! (I used a toothpick to fill in the L O V E and X O X O with contrasting color - not a very professional job, but I'm pleased with them).  They'd be nice for any holiday...always special to give of your time and the work of your hands away!