Monday, February 27, 2012

New Linky Widget

HAVE YOU NOTICED THE NEW LINKY WIDGET ON THE LEFT SIDE OF MY BLOG?...right under the Country Cooks Across America blog button?

Are you aware that GFC is ending this week, on March 1st?

That means for all of you who have 'subscribed' to my blog via GFC...will no longer receive my blog posts.

I want to give you a few options to continue to receive my blog posts...

 You have to sign up for this (Linky) service in order to start following. It is free and totally confidential. Linky offers the same service as Google Friend Connect. It will allow you to follow this blog, so if you haven't joined Linky yet, please click on the widget to be sure you are following me here at The Better Baker.

#2 option is to subscribe to my blog posts via email.
You can do that by scrolling down just a tad more...below the
Foodbuzz ad...and click on "subscribe by email"...or RSS feed.

#3 option is to 'like' me at Facebook - that option is a little lower in the sidebar. You will then see my posts in your Facebook feed.

Thank you very much for your interest and support in what I do means more than words can say. Do hope we can continue to be in touch.

Please feel free to ask any questions anytime.