Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Greek Yogurt Chocolate Brownies - Guest Post - The Big Man's World

While I'm away from my computer and enjoying some R & R in the sunshine, I wanted to share some recipes from favorite bloggers.

Arman, author of The Big Man's World blog became acquainted after he began linking up at our Weekend Potluck party.  I'm a chatty kinda person...and he's a very funny one.  We quickly became friends and I appreciate him...not only does he make me laugh...he shares healthy recipes too! AND...he is such an awesome creator of recipes!!  I'm so impressed by that. 

(He once left me a comment on my FB page after seeing a dessert recipe...and said "Stop giving me diabetes of the eyes".)  
Oh What a Funny Guy! 

AND....HE LIVES IN AUSTRALIA!!! That makes him interesting from the start wouldn't you say? 

I LOVE this light and fluffy chocolate bar recipe he created...it blows me away to see all the ways he adds protein to dishes...Especially sweets! There's 100 comments at this recipe page at his blog!  (Granted, half of them are his own because he is great about replying to all comments - you'll get a kick out of just reading through them!)  

One of Arman's recipes I can't wait to try is 
Homemade Protein Pancake Mix..imagine! 

He creates delicious Copycat recipes too, like Copycat Kind Bars or
Copycat Panda Express Broccoli Beef. YUMMM-OO!

Anyway....I'm so pleased and proud to introduce to you my friend...and he'll quickly become yours too, I'm sure...

Arman...Take it away Mate!! 

G’day readers of Marsha’s amazing blog - My name is Arman and I’m the blogger behind thebigmansworld.com. I’m in my mid 20’s and live in Melbourne, Australia. I have a passion for being creative in the kitchen and love breaking the stigma that men don’t enjoy cooking- Or can’t be good at it.

Ask me a year ago, I never would have thought I would have made so many friends within the blog world, especially from a broad spectrum of the world. Through her amazing link up, I was able to connect with Marsha and her Friday Potluck is something I look forward to contributing to each week.

Over time, Marsha and I have developed a great friendship and she even promised to find me a wife. (Marsha, I’m still holding you to that).  

Marsha has taught me several important life lessons-

  1. Jello and salad can appear in the same sentence
  2. Crockpots can create anything….like fudge.
  3. Age is relevant when it comes to friendship

Okay, so the last one was corny but it’s true. I’m hoping to obtain an American working Visa this year and Marsha better set an extra plate at the table for me. As it’s rude for guests to turn up without a little something, I’ll be bringing one of my all time (and most popular recipes) – these Greek Yogurt Chocolate Brownies.

Chocolate for breakfast is something that occurs more often than I like to admit here and brownies for breakfast especially. Before you think this is something sinful, hear me out. These brownies can be made sugar free, are high in protein and are overall low in calories. Paired with some eggs or oatmeal- It pretty much is a balanced meal.

If chocolate for breakfast isn’t your thing, these are delicious as a snack or even healthy dessert. 1 bowl, barely any prep and you’ll have a delicious, fudgy pan of brownies sooner than you can say ‘Australia’.

Check for the recipe here.

Thanks Marsha for letting me guest post- I’ll see YOU find readers sooner than you think!

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