Monday, August 24, 2015

Product Review: Island-Ware Half Sheet Jelly Roll Pan

I was so excited to be sent a lovely Half Sheet Pan by Island Warein exchange for a review. It is very high quality, excellent for baking and far surpasses other sheet pans I've used over the years. It's heavier and thicker, so it won't ever warp. And one of my favorite things about this lovely pan - it's made in the USA!!

(prepared pan prior to baking sheet cake)

I am a grandma to 8, food blogger, newspaper columnist and author of 2 cookbooks, so I have done plenty of baking in my lifetime. 

The first thing I baked was a sheet cake.  It baked perfectly even and I was impressed with the results. I've had other pans that warp while baking, but this pan is too strong for that. I also baked cookies and they turned out great. 

Be aware that the pan holds heat longer and therefore, baking requires a shorter time, by a few minutes. The pan also cleans up very nicely.

I like that it has no seams, which tend to collect water...and rust. 

I also appreciate the oversized ends that are like handles, which makes it easier to move to and from the oven. 

The only negative thing I can think to say about this pan, 1" in depth, is that I wish it was just a little deeper. Otherwise, it's perfect for me and will be used often and I know it will last for my lifetime too. Makes for a great serving tray also. 

*Disclosure:  I received this pan for the purpose of providing a product review.  I promise I will only provide my honest review on this blog.  This post includes my amazon affiliate links. You are not obligated to purchase, but when you do through one of my links, I will make a small percentage on the sale. Thank you for supporting my site.

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