Monday, February 28, 2011

Book Review: Love Amid the Ashes: Author - Mesu Andrews

I couldn't be more excited for my special friend, Mesu Andrews!  Her first book is being officially released tomorrow, March 1st.  

Isn't this cover fabulous!?  It feels so 'inviting' to me.
How blessed I am to call her Friend!  God crossed our paths about 8 years ago and we have grown to be sisters of the heart.

We've been honored to actually be together 3 times since then!  She lives on the other side of the country now, so we keep in touch via cyberspace.

She truly has a very special gift for writing and has such a unique talent with words. She's also a well known women's speaker.  What a gal she is!

I've begun reading my copy of Love Amid the Ashes - I am in awe at how the words and descriptions just flow for this gifted woman and friend!

Mesu is good friends with author/Women of Faith speaker Carol Kent!!  Carol wrote a review on the back cover and this is what she says...

"Mesu Andrews has skillfully brought the Old Testament story of Job to life in Love Amid the Ashes.  Throughout this book she explains Job's faithful adherence to studying the teachings of El Shaddai.  Then she creatively reveals how those principles are demonstrated by his interaction with Dinah.  You will be moved to tears as the characters reflect the mysterious role suffering plays in our faith.  If you enjoy a story that includes a powerful plot, romantic passion, and biblical truth, read this book!"

Check out her blog at read more details and purchase your own copy.  She's selling at several big-name websites.
And in bookstores across the country.

WOOOHOOOO!!!  I know God has great plans for Mesu and this is just the beginning!

Thanks for sharing in her joy..and in mine.


  1. Oh, that is very excited! I'm sure she is just thrilled to see a book go from a thought in her imagination to actually being published! And how fun for you to know her! Good luck to your friend!

  2. I have got to get my hands on that book... I visit book stores often, so I will be on the look-out. Since I know you...I know the best critic. You can let me know how you like it.