Monday, March 14, 2011

Slow-Cooker Cheeseburger Soup {WW style}

We've enjoyed many soups this cold and snowy winter. 

Trusting spring is just around the corner, but I wanted to share another soup recipe before it warms up too much outside.

Thick creamy soups are at the top of my list!

The same day I printed this recipe for Cheeseburger Chowder at my good friend Angie's A'lil Country Sugar, I came across this revised version from my Weight Watchers file.

Be sure and check out her version before making, just to get a variety of ideas!

I was sooo excited!  I decided I was destined to make this delicious dish!  *-*

I didn't have time to wait for the crockpot, so I just cooked mine on top of the stove.

I'll share the ingredient revisions I made below...


2 sprays cooking spray
(I used a little olive oil too...WW wants you to have oil daily, soo)
1 medium garlic clove, minced
1 medium onion, chopped
1 medium stalk celery, chopped
1 lb. uncooked lean ground beef (with 7% fat)
2 Tb. all purpose flour
(I used 3 because I like it thick)
3 cups canned chicken broth, divided
1 cup low-fat evaporated milk
8 ozs. Velveeta 2% reduced fat cheese, cubed
1/2 tsp. paprika
1/4 tsp. salt
1/8 tsp. black pepper
baked lowfat tortilla chips, crumbled

I also added a can of fire-roasted tomatoes - it gave it great ZIP!

Coat large nonstick skillet with cooking spray and heat over med-high heat for about 30 seconds.  Add garlic, onion, and celery; cook, stirring frequently, until veggies are tender, about 5 - 10 minutes.  Coat a 3-qt. or larger slow cooker with cooking spray; spoon in vegetables.  (A crockpot liner would work nicely too).

Place same skillet over medium-high heat and brown beef; breaking up meat with a wooden spoon as it cooks, about 5 - 6 minutes; pour off any liquid and add meat to slow cooker.

In small cup, combine flour and 1/2 c. broth; stir until lump-free.  Pour flour mixture into same skillet; add remaining 2-1/2 c. broth.  Bring to a simmer, scraping up any browned bits in bottom of skillet with wooden spoon, then pour into slow cooker; stir in evaporated milk, cheese, paprika, salt and pepper.  Cover slow cooker and cook on low setting for 2 hrs. Serve soup topped with crumbled chips. 

Yield: 8 servings - 3/4 c. of soup and 3 Tb. of chips per serving

Weight Watcher points per serving: 5  (Prior to Points Plus)
And without my revisions...

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