Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Water Sponge Toys

My granddaughters, Charlie & Chloe made these toys earlier this summer.  We shared them here once before for one of our 'Craftin' at Nana's', but since I didn't have a separate post for them, I decided it was time.

(We also made cookies and nutella danish while they were here...we Bakers GOTTA bake!)
(Chloe is on the left, Charlie is on the right)

These toys are fun and easy to make. The first time we made a bunch of them to send with our church on a missions trip where they would be doing VBS for another church, in another state. 

This time we made them and gave some away...just because I had found some sponges on sale, and couldn't resist the bargain.  These are an easy and quick craft...even for kids to make. 

Just be sure to trim the zip tie as close to the sponge as you can...read on, and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Sorry I didn't do a tutorial, but if you'll take time to read, you'll see this is a very simple craft.


Purchase kitchen sponges from any grocery or dollar store. They come in packs of 4 or 6 and in all colors. (Don't buy the kind with the scouring pad). 

Sponges come in  3" × 5" and or 5" × 7" sizes. I prefer the smaller size. They are easier to tie together and better for smaller fingers to hold. 

Also buy “zip ties", sold at a hardware store.  
(I think ours were 12" long)

Cut each sponge length-wise in thirds. Then group together 8-9 cut pieces for each sponge. Or make them smaller. Mix and match colors of the sponges. 

Now center a zip tie around the middle of the sponges; pull the tie through the hole, pulling tightly. Cut off excess zip tie as close as possible. 

Dip in bucket, or the pool and get each other wet. These are also fun in the bathtub.