Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ruffle Scarf - T-Shirt Scarf Tutorial

 I made this scarf forever ago, and just haven't taken the time to put a tutorial together, but with the holidays closing in on us quickly, I wanted to share this SIMPLE IDEA so maybe you can consider making some for gift giving. 

These scarves are just adorable - you can wear them with t-shirts or sweaters, in any color you can find a t-shirt.  They really 'snaz' up an outfit. 

My hubby cleans out his older t-shirts when he gets new ones, and gives the older ones to me...I have a tub full in the bottom of my closet, just waiting to make any of these lovely scarves....
2-Minutes-to-Make (Looped) Infinity Scarf or 
Snazzy Fringe Scarf 

(I have yet to do a tutorial for my favorite Spaghetti Scarf...hang with me....)

This is simple and YOU CAN DO THIS! Best of all...I love that there's no sewing involved. 
I am all about quick & easy. This takes about 15 minutes...max.  The more you make, the easier it gets. I say....Go For It!

Have fun!

1 XL or XXL t-shirt (100% cotton)
9″ paper plate
flower embellishment 
(I love finding them in hair accessories
(or on sale in craft departments) 

 Lay t-shirt out flat, aiming for 8 - 12 circles (counting both sides). Using a paper plate (about 9"), trace 4 - 6 circles on one side of the shirt. 

2. Cut out the circles, both sides at once, cutting each into a spiral, allowing about 1-1/2 - 2". 

3. Grasping hold of one end of your 'spiral', pull each piece of fabric to stretch.  (I normally run my hand down the length of the material, lightly stretching as I go).

4. With fabric glue, overlap both pointed ends (of each circle duo) and glue together. 

5. Repeat with all other circles, then stack the 'glued places' together, tying off with a strip cut (about 4-5") from the shirt sleeve, wrapping around the glued places and tying. Trim the ends.  

Place around your neck; clip on an embellishment and you are set to feel pretty!!!! 

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