Sunday, January 5, 2014

Best TBB's Recipes of 2013!!

These posts had the most traffic and comments over the know they gotta be tasty!!! 

Only FOUR ingredients! And oh so fluffy! 

Delicious and so easy to prepare! Make ahead and freeze!

Real Easy! Mix a batter, spread the pie filling over
top - WALA!  Scarf down.  Sugar free options here. 

A most favorite breakfast! Coat with coconut and cornflakes...
fry it up like usual.  We eat this with our fingers because
we don't need syrup with it.  LOVE this! 
(Don't like coconut?  Just omit!)

 A Simple, and Simply Delicious Soup!

 Simple Cheesey Hamburger Soup

One of my most favorite things to do is 'dress up' a cake mix!