Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Guest Post - Skinny Oreo Chocolate Shake (Holly Lofthouse)

I am just elated to get to share one of my favorite blogging buds with you today.  I am SO proud of Holly's many accomplishments.  Not only is she a Taste of Home Field Editor...she recently signed a contract with General Mills to be a recipe creator for Pillsbury! 


I do believe Holly and I are Sisters of the Taste Buds.  We cook much the same dishes too...simple and delicious. I flipped when I saw this recipe and am delighted Holly agreed to share it with my fans.

Enjoy every awesome sip!

Take it away Holly Dear....

 Hi everyone! My name is Holly Lofthouse, and I'm the girl behind the scenes at Life in the Lofthouse (http:life-in-the-lofthouse.com) I am honored that Marsha asked me to guest post today. I have been following her blog for years now! Not only do I love her recipes, but I love her! What a sweet lady and friend I have made in the food blog world!

  I started my food blog in September 2010, and have enjoyed every minute of it! My blog is all about easy and delicious family-friendly recipes. I have 3 gorgeous kids and 1 amazing husband. I love to cook! Being in my kitchen is therapeutic to me! Along with cooking, I also work outside the home as a full-time surgery scheduler for Ear Nose and Throat Doctors. Needless to say, my life is hectic most days!

  With working outside the home, I still want to feed my family homemade food. I know there are many other Mothers out there in my boat, so my blog is for you! If you feel too tired after coming home from a long day at work it's still possible to feed your family home-cooked meals! I have a lot of recipes that are under 30 minutes. I hope you'll come check out my blog for some new and easy recipe ideas!
  Along with the quick family-friendly meals, I also have tons of quick desserts, too! Like these ~Skinny Oreo Shakes~ I'm sharing today! These babies are so delicious and lower in calories and fat compared to a regular oreo shake! Click on to the link below to get the recipe!


   Thanks again Marsha for having me guest post today! ♥

And thank YOU Miz Holly!! I have no doubt this recipe is going to be a 
huge hit!

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