Wednesday, April 30, 2014

3 Bangin' Bean Dishes {Blast from the Past}

Unbelievably delicious! A cousin of mine (I wouldn't dare name her!) recently made this for her and her hubby...they shared some with a neighbor and then the 2 of them finished off the whole thing in one evening!

Guess we know things were really rootin' tootin' at their house that night!  =) 
(She said they simply couldn't stop eating it!) 

Crockpot Beans & Kraut Stew

A lovely assortment of beans, doctored up with burger, bacon and a few other ingredients. These are terrific for a reunion or potluck...they'll go quickly! 

Calico Beans

This simple recipe is best with fresh green beans, but frozen make for a great dish too.  MMM good!

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