Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pumpkin Magic Bars (OOO - La - La!)

These scrumptious bars would make an awesome holiday treat!!!

I have ALWAYS loved Magic Bars! My mom made them when I was a kid, but maybe only once a year...they always had to be for a special occasion, as she was frugal and that can of sweetened condensed milk was not cheap. 
(Not that it is now...cause it really isn't). 

When I saw this awesome idea at Dorothy's Crazy for Crust..I figured I'd
use some of her recipe ideas along with the way my mom made them. If you want the recipe for a 9" X 9" square pan, click on that link to go to her post. 


Very little mixing in this recipe...it's mostly layer, then drizzle the s.c. milk...then bake.

LOVE that! 

Dorothy's recipe called for a gingersnap crust...which is a fantastic idea, but since I wanted to double her recipe, I decided to use part crushed gingersnaps and part crushed graham crackers, as the
original recipe calls for.  And the gingersnap flavor was not strong at all. 

AND...I didn't mix the crushed crackers with sugar, I just sprinkled the crumbs over the melted butter in the pan., with no added sugar.  

When I mixed the pumpkin and sweetened condensed milk together, I
added pumpkin pie spice, but I thought the baked bar had more of a caramel flavor than a pumpkin one.  


Gingersnaps & Graham Crackers, crushed to = 2 cups
6 Tb. butter
1 c. white chocolate chips
1 c. chopped nuts
(I didn't use) 
1/4 c. coconut
1/2 c. toffee bits
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1/2 c. pumpkin puree
1 tsp. pumpkin pie spice

Preheat oven to 350. 

Place butter in 9" X 13" pan and put it in the oven to melt while the oven is preheating, being careful not to let it burn. 

Crush gingersnaps and graham crackers (I guesstimated about half of each) 
in a food processor or in a ziploc bag (make sure all the air is removed before you begin crushing) to make fine crumbs. 

Sprinkle the white chocolate chips evenly over the crust. Then make layers with pecans, coconut, and toffee. 

In small bowl, combine pumpkin, sweetened condensed milk and pumpkin pie spice, beating (or whisking) until smooth. 

Drizzle over the top of layers in the pan, trying to spread evenly. 
(Don't worry if it isn't all covered...it will spread as it bakes). 

Bake for 30 minutes or until the edge start to brown.  Cool completely before cutting. Refrigerate before serving. 

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