Friday, January 13, 2012

Weight Watchers [Very Low Point] Spinach Dip

I can eat this wonderful concotion by the spoonsful.

It's delicious AND nutritious....and I love the added crunch of the water chestnuts.

It was almost as if someone knew what I had on hand....??

I had half a bag of spinach in the freezer that needed to be envelope of Knorr Vegetable Soup Mix that had been there a while, a tub of opened sour cream also and an older can of water chestnuts that I'd purchased for something else and then didn't use! 

So I was very happy that I came across this simple recipe as I was scouring through my WW info and recipes. I'm not wild about fresh veggies, but can really enjoy them if I have a delicious dip like this to help get them in me.

Do hope you'll give this a try.  It's really very tasty.

Unless you have a big number of mouths to eat this up within a couple of days, I would suggest just making half a batch, as it really does make a lot, but doesn't hold for very long.

{Just measure the dry soup out and then use half.}


1 envelope Knorr Vegetable Soup Mix
1-1/2 c. fat free plain yogurt
1 c. fat free sour cream
10 ozs. frozen chopped spinach, thawed & squeezed dry
chopped green onions, optional
1 small can water chestnuts, chopped, optional

Mix everything together and let chill for about an hour or two before serving.

WW Points (Prior Points Plus)
5 servings - 1 point each

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Sudha said...

This would be lovely to have,Marsha!Since I too have a big packet of spinach in my refrigerator right now,I shall try this right away:)Have a great weekend ahead!

Anita Stafford said...

Marsha, This sounds very good! I love vegetable dips and the low point version is appealing!

Loy said...

A veggie dip to dip your veggies in. Way to go, Marsha. I think I have a package of spinach in my freezer, too. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa @ Flour Me With Love said...

This looks delicious Marsha and I love that it's low points :)

Brandi said...

Great recipe! We love spinach dip at my house! Thanks for sharing a healthier version!

Angie said...

You had me at spinach dip, and then I seen the WW....Oh, I'm in heaven now!! I love spinach dip!

Amee said...

great recipe! I love how light and healthy it guilt! :) Thanks for sharing this weekend!!