Sunday, April 29, 2012

Creatin' & Craftin' Day at Nana's

{I have put off typing up this post because I like simple and quick...this was going to demand some time, but I'm so tickled to finally share this fun time I spent with 2 of my granddaughters just before Easter.}

I have the cutest grandkids on the earth - every single one of them! 

Now I know...some of you are probably ready to fight me over that thought, but aren't we just gifted with special special gifts when God puts GRANDchildren in our lives??

They most certainly do make life GRAND!

Our son, Dave, spent 9 yrs in the navy.  All 3 of his children were born long-distance from home (where we live) so since he
became a civilian, about 6 yrs ago and they only live a few minutes from us now, it's just the best fun to get to bring the granddaughters here to spend a day creating.

Charlie & Chloe both have creative genes and they often teach ME while I'm trying to teach them.

I just loooove these pictures of them wearing the 3 new t-shirt scarves them made for themselves. 

Charlie, 13, is on the left...Chloe, 11, is on the right

I've been having a BLAST making t-shirt scarves. Tonya Ferguson introduced me to them in one of her post...
4 little Fergusons make t-shirt scarves - please take a peek as they are just so cute and simple...even her 8-year old made one.

C'mon now Gals - of course...YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

I also looked a this tutorial at My Blessed Life to get some cool ideas too.

(I ended up doing much of the cutting, just because it was easier for them)

The girls also worked long and hard to make Duct Tape Flowers
for their flip flops! They did most of that all on their own!

Have you seen the adorable patterns they're making on duct tape these days???   We also covered some baskets for their bathroom with some of this 'fun' stuff. 

The girls got creative and made some multi-colored flowers for their flip flops!!  Soo cute aren't they?

This was the photo that 'sucked me in' when I first saw them posted at Skip to my Lou

The girls had a great time in the kitchen making Butterfinger Bites
simply by spreading peanut butter between Cheez-It crackers and dipping them in chocolate.  (Who knew??)

And we made some yummy treats by spreading peanut butter AND nutella between Ritz crackers, then dipping them in white or dark chocolate....inspired by this post at Plain Chicken . Charlie got creative and began making swirls over the top and they looked sooo pretty.  Tasted great too!

The girls also made these simple Springy Marshmallow Flower Pops
from Madtown Macs. It's a simple process and the girls were excited to take this 'bouquet' home with them. (along with 90% of the goodies we made). After you push a stick into a large marshmallow, you coat it with white chocolate (ours had little blue specks in it) then push through a muffin paper!

Before they headed home, we quickly made some Peanut Butter Hard Shell Ice Cream Topping that I found at Chocolate Covered 'top off' their day.
(Katie has a Healthy Dessert Blog that I follow!!!)

All you do is stir together peanut butter, melted coconut oil, and sweetener of choice (we used liquid stevia) to make this delicious treat.

We were all pretty impressed at how simple - AND DELICIOUS! -it was.  (see the link above for the measurements)

WHEW!!  We were all very tired at the end of the day and agreed we shouldn't try to do so much the next time!