Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Homemade Fabric Softener

I love being able to make-my-own cleaners, soaps...and now fabric softener.  It isn't just frugal, it's better for the environment too.  I was just tickled to find this recipe at Mommy's KitchenTina's blog is loaded with everyday delicious recipes using ingredients from the pantry....with lots of practical ideas too.   


Like Tina, I love the fragrance my Downy gives my clothes, so instead of having two separate mixtures, I added my homemade softener to about the same amount as the Downy left in my extra big bottle. 

It is working just fine - I'm 'extending' my store-purchased liquid with my homemade concoction...using white distilled vinegar, any hair conditioner and water!

Vinegar is known to be a great odor remover and doesn't leave behind the smell of vinegar. 

Check out Tina's page for her thoughts on this great DIY product.  Be sure to read the comments there too.  Several of her readers suggested adding a couple drops of essential oils to give the homemade softener (not mixed with Downy) a fragrance.  Read more there for other ideas....

Who doesn't want to save $$?  This costs less than $3.00 for a gallon!!!


6 cups hot water
3 c. white distilled vinegar
2 c. hair conditioner (any brand)
1 empty gallon container

In large (microwave safe) bowl, mix vinegar and hair conditioner together (it will look a tad clumpy).

Place bowl in microwave and heat for a minute or two. This will ensure the ingredients will blend together. Remove from microwave and stir. 

Add hot water and mix to blend. Pour mixture into a one gallon container and store in laundry room. 

Use same amount as you would store-purchased softener. 
(though I always use about half as much as the label says).

Note: Be sure to shake bottle well before adding to dispenser, downy ball or directly in rinse cycle. 

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