Tuesday, July 15, 2014

German Chocolate Coffee Blast {Weight Watchers Points}

I'm crazy wild for coffee drinks, cold or hot.  (& I do want it COLD or HOT...not lukewarm!=) 

When I saw this lovely and easy concotion at Hungry Girl ...showing off 'dessert-y' coffee recipes, I knew it would be enjoyed soon. How I would love to share this with my daughter...who is the Queen of Coffees! 

I had some leftover lite coconut milk in the fridge and decided to use it to add even more bombing flavor to this amazing beverage. 

Chocolate...coconut & caramel all wrapped up in one drink? 
Who could resist??? 

I had everything on hand...and it was simple.
Hope you enjoy it soon too as you relax and cool down.

From HG's website...
Entire recipe (about 14 oz.): 130 calories, 4.5g fat, 102mg sodium, 19.5g carbs, 3g fiber, 9g sugars, 5g protein -- PointsPlus® value 3* 

Did you see that??? Only THREE Points Plus! 

(That's one serving - I poured it into 2 cups, but you get the whole thing for only 3 points!)


1-1/2 Tb. baking cocoa powder
2 tsp. fat free, lowfat or light caramel dip
(I used ice cream topping) 
1 tsp. instant coffee granules 
(I used 1 packet VIA instant coffee)
2 no-calorie sweetener packets
(like Stevia or Truvia)
1/2 c. light vanilla soy milk
(I used lite coconut milk - be aware how this may
change WW points)
1/4 tsp. coconut extract
(I would have preferred a tad more)
7 - 10 ice cubes or heaping cup of crushed ice
2 Tb. fat free Reddi-whip
1 tsp. chopped pecans
1 tsp. shredded coconut, optional
(not included in WW points)

In large microwave-safe mug, combine cocoa powder, caramel dip, instant coffee and sweetener. Add 1/4 c. very hot water; stir until mostly dissolved. Heat in microwave for 10 seconds; stir til smooth. Cool, if you have time. 

Otherwise - transfer the coffee mixture to the blender.  Add soymilk, coconut extract and ice.  Blend at high speed until smooth and frothy. 

Top with Reddi-whip - sprinkle with pecans and coconut. 

Yield: 1 (14 ozs) serving! 

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