Thursday, July 24, 2014

Campfire Peanut Butter Tortilla S'Mores

LOVED this fun treat at our most recent weenie roast....just this week while family was visiting from out of town.

And since we had smaller grandkids here, I made a 'mini' version of this 'campfire burrito' that was shared at a recent Weekend Potluck by Cris of GoodEness Gracious.

This makes a 'less messy' treat..compared to 'regular S'Mores' to enjoy...but you have to plan ahead just a little as they need to cool
for at least 20 minutes before enjoying. 

We held ours inside the foil to eat, so if any 'goo' came out the other end, we didn't have a bigger mess...Just be careful not to put 'too much' inside...
(ours seemed perfect)

Our daughter Deb and family came to visit a few days...
S-I-Love Greg, Grandkids - Claira, Kaity & Sam

(Sam was 'showing his muscles'...and looked away just as I snapped the camera) 

The peanut butter adds a delightful flavor too...

Hope you'll try them soon while it's still warm enough to be camping out. 
(We have a covered fire pit and just layed them on the grate above over hot coals) 


1 small flour tortilla (I used fajita size)
1 Tb. peanut butter
3 (rectangular) pieces of Hershey's chocolate bar 
1 Tb. mini marshmallows 

Spread peanut butter over center of tortilla.
Sprinkle with chocolate and marshmallows.
Fold in ends on two sides, then roll up; wrap in foil. 
Heat on grill or campfire for about 5 or 6 minutes, turning once.
(Be careful not to burn - don't leave unattended.)

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You may also enjoy...

Ziploc Omelets 
(great for camping or crowd pleasing)

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