Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sugar Free Anzac Cookies - The Big Man's World - Guest post

Hopefully, you're already acquainted with my buddy Arman...from Australia!

He recently had a guest post here at TBB sharing his terrific recipe for Greek Yogurt Chocolate Brownies

He's an awesome recipe creator and adds protein to just about anything.  I am very excited about his first e-cookbook...which he's fervently been working on. And I love that he uses 'natural' ingredients. 

One of Arman's recipes I can't wait to try is 
Homemade Protein Pancake Mix..imagine! 

He creates delicious Copycat recipes too, like Copycat Kind Bars or
Copycat Panda Express Broccoli Beef. YUMMM-OO!

He has a delightful sense of humor...just check out his "Man Sass" on the sidebar of his blog...what a clown!

Anyway....I'm so pleased and proud to introduce to you my friend...he'll quickly become yours too, I'm sure...

Arman...Take it away Mate!! 

Big Man's World Sugar Free Anzac Biscuits

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Hey guys, 

It's Arman here Again! You might remember me from my guest post a month or so ago here and I'm back taking the reigns!

Last week, I announced some big news on the blog- I've gotten a work visa to America! This means that when I meet up with Marsha, I'll be coming armed with a recipe that I know she'd love- These delicious
Sugar Free Anzac Cookies 

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Anzac biscuits are an iconic Australian cookie which I grew up on. They are generally made of whole wheat flour, sugar, butter, rolled oats and golden syrup. When I develop recipes, I tend to give them a healthy makeover without sacrificing on taste so of course I had to do the same with these ones.

These cookies are granulated sugar free, vegan and gluten free. The sweetness comes from the small amount of golden syrup, which can easily be subbed for sugar free maple syrup if you want a completely sugar free cookie. 

For those of you who haven't been to Australia, make these cookies and have a taste of some of the deliciousness that we can come up with.

Actually, I lied. We really don't have too much here. 

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Thank you Marsha for letting me share this with you guys so stop on over to check the full recipe out*! I'd love to be friends with you on Facebook** so stop on over and say hi!

Arman Liew
Healthy Living Blogger

Connect with me below! 

Thanks and thanks again Arman for your willingness to share. I can hardly wait to enjoy these lovely cookies...made from your own hands!! Hop on over to his Facebook page and show him some 'Like' lovin.

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