Friday, December 8, 2017

Flashback Friday - Gotta have Christmas Candies!


Can't have the holidays without some candies!
Hope these add some sweetness to this busy time of year...
You'll be SO glad you tried them. 

SWOON!  Some have told me these are the BEST caramels they've ever eaten. 
No candy thermometer needed!!! Go for it!  Salt the tops if desired. 

Melt chocolate...stir in nuts and marshmallows...drop onto waxed paper..roll..make ahead. Only 5 ingredients.  LUSCIOUS! One of my mom's favorites...

Gotta try it to believe it.  Less than 1 minute in the microwave...add a few crushed Nutter Butters for crunch...and you're all set.  Can you say AH.MA.ZING?? 

These simple no bake candies are addicting!
They remind me of my mom...caramel-y!! 

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